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Our Story


The name Dewacoco is inspired by the concept of “fruit of life”, combining the Sanskrit Deva (divine, God) and the English word for Coconut. Our

company was founded in 2020, amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Simultaneous to the worldwide health crisis, our establishment also

coincided with a rise in the awareness for healthy and sustainable food source.

Our company is based in Halmahera Island in North Maluku, Indonesia, where coconut crops are abundant yet still cultivated in a traditional manner. Coconut meat has mostly been processed into black copra manually, with the rest of the coconut discarded as waste. The presence of an Integrated Coconut Processing Plant like Dewacoco will allow the local produce to be transformed into a variety of value-added coconut products.

At the same time, our facility will strengthen the local economy through

the employment of local workers and the purchase of raw materials from surrounding coconut farmers. To ensure high quality outputs, these

personnel will be properly trained and registered with necessary


Finally, Dewacoco is a carbon-neutral company that generates renewable energy from biomass fuel of waste coconut husk. Coconut husk is usually discarded by local copra maker by setting it on fire. However, we collect and process it into pellets which are then fed into our specialized power plant and turned into green sustainable energy.

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Our Activities

Halmahera (Gallery)
Coconut Haven

Kahatola Waterfall Halmahera
Green Coconuts
Coconut Pile
Dewacoco Seedlings Coconut
Local Farmer Harvesting
Halmahera Volcano
Organic Coconut Plantation
Coconut Harvest
Girl with Coconut
Coconut Harvest
Climbing Farmer
Plantation in Halmahera
Coconut Seedlings
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