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Sustainable, Organic,
Carbon Neutral.

We aim to create a self sustaining community where all processes are environmentally friendly, utilizing all parts of coconut without waste. Dewacoco also generates its own green energy using coconut husk as a biomass fuel


Who We Are

Dewacoco is an integrated coconut processing plant based in Halmahera Island in North Maluku, Indonesia, where coconut crops are abundant yet still cultivated in a traditional manner. 


Our processing plant will be operating with modern food processing equipments and monitored by strict quality assurance procedures. We produce electricity using waste by-product of coconut husk as a biomass fuel. 



Sustainability for Dewacoco means being able to fulfill our present needs without depleting the resources of future generations. We make sure all our processes leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Materials and workforce are sourced from local farmers and communities.

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Ethical Practices

Improving the Livelihood of the People

Dewacoco is a pioneer project which will be the first of its kind and scale in the region. We work with local farmers for coconut supply and also help them with the knowledge and certifications for ethical and organic cultivations.

Coconuts will be purchased with fair prices and we will employ workers from the surrounding communities, effectively contributing to the improvement of the economy.

Green Energy
Ethical Practices

Green Energy

Minimizing Global Carbon Footprint

The use of non-renewable sources of energy is extremely detrimental to the environment, and world leaders are now gradually restricting its use. In contrast, renewable energy sources such as biomass are considered eco-friendly. A biomass is any plant-based material used as fuel to produce green energy.

In our processing plant, coconut husk as waste material is a perfect source of biomass for producing clean sustainable energy. It is first disintegrated and processed into a pelletised shape. Husk pellets are then fed into specialized machineries which fuel our power generators. This enables the plant to be

fully self-sufficient.

Coconut Husk

Replantation Efforts

Increasing Local Productivity

Dewacoco is currently working closely with the Indonesian Palm Research Centre (Balitpalma) in Manado to secure a supply of superior-variety coconut seedlings for distribution in Halmahera. This variety bears fruits in an earlier age and produce more coconuts per tree. Furthermore, this coconut

variety does not grow very tall, reducing the labour and risk of climbing tall trees during harvests.


Our Products

The coconut fruit is a versatile material which can be processed into many value-added products. We ensure the highest quality end products to meet with the international trade standards. 


Documentations and Publications

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