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Dewacoco is a tradename under the Singapore-Indonesian company PT. Dewa Agricoco Indonesia.  Founded amidst the worldwide 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to alleviate and improve the local economy of East Indonesia specifically in the resource-rich island of Halmahera. 


Our coconuts are sourced locally from farmers in Halmahera, which still cultivate the plants in very traditional manner and use no chemicals in the process. These materials are then processed fully in our integrated plant in the island. Numerous product derivates from coconuts create immense added value to the local economy.

At the same time, the plant will absorb workers from neighbouring areas which provide livelihood for the local people.

Beside coconut derived products, coconut husks is a by-product. These are usually discarded by local copra maker by burning. Instead, Dewacoco collects and processes them into pellets. Which are then fed into our specialized power plant and turned into electricity to power the factory.

This Integrated Coconut Processing Plant is a pilot project for our company and the business model will be duplicated in numerous areas in East Indonesia.


Dewacoco makes sure all its processes leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Materials and workforce are sourced from local farmers and communities.




Our main power supply to operate the plant will be fuelled by coconut husk which itself is a byproduct of the integrated coconut processing plant.

Coconut husk is first disintegrated and processed into a pelletised shape. This is then converted by a gasification process into Syngas which will fuel the generating sets.

Our plant is located along a major river in West Halmahera. This provides a huge opportunity to develop a micro-hydro power plant to supply more power for Dewacoco's production. We are currently working on the permits and field studies regarding this. As the region has always had a shortage of electricity, we can also contribute with the local government to meet this demand.

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The island of Halmahera is located in the remote region of East Indonesia. Plundered for centuries first by the Portuguese later by the Dutch, it is a hotspot for agricultural products. Dubbed the spice islands, the Halmahera island itself has a very fertile soil. Unfortunately even today, most agricultural produces are exported in crude form with little or no value added.

Dewacoco is a pioneer project which will be the first in the region of its kind and scale. We will work with local farmers in terms of coconuts supply and also help them with the knowledge and certifications for ethical and organic produce.

Coconuts are purchased with fair prices and we will employ workers from the surrounding communities, effectively contributing to the employment levels in the island.

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